di Mauro Felicori  Commissario della Fondazione Ravello
Rosanna Purchia  Sovrintendente del Teatro di San Carlo

We imagined a festival that offers a vibrant image of Naples, Campania and Italy. The show of a country that has roots in the past like no other but that continues to produce culture and proudly proposes it. This image of Italy between past and future is something that also international tourism – the world of Ravello – is asking of us. The 2019 edition experiments with this hypothesis. There are two main sections: “Orchestra Italia”, which offers many of the best Italian symphony orchestras and “La meglio gioventù”, offering a great chance to stand out for the young musicians of the Italian conservatories, while an original musical path, full of inventions, proposes a dialogue between Italian and European composition, in a vision of culture which is more universal, far from any provincialism.
The programme, divided into thirteen symphonic concerts at the Belvedere of Villa Rufolo, seven “Midnight” chamber concerts in the Sala dei Cavalieri of Villa Rufolo, four concerts in as many different places and times of the day, five concerts of the Organ Festival at the Cathedral of Ravello, is exactly in line with the desire to use and make known some of the orchestras of the major symphonic and lyrical-symphonic institutions of our country. The invitations were extended not only to the Orchestra of the Teatro di San Carlo but also to those of the Massimo of Palermo, the Carlo Felice of Genoa and the Comunale of Bologna, which were joined by other no less significant institutions such as the Orchestra Giovanile Italiana (Italian Youth Orchestra), the Orchestra Giovanile “Luigi Cherubini”, the Baroque Academy of Santa Cecilia, the Philarmonic Orchestra “Gioachino Rossini”, the Philarmonic Orchestra of Salerno, the Philarmonic Orchestra of La Scala and the Verdi Orchestra of Milan.
Around all this, ideas to be developed in the future: the Cathedral as the main space, with its sumptuous organ, the diffusion of concerts in the village to give value to spaces only apparently less important, the chamber music during the nights of Villa Rufolo, a first appearance of that special combination of quality and sociality that are the amateur choirs. This is, therefore, the idea for the Ravello Festival: the stage, the summer show of the best Italian production “Ravello stage of Italy”. But not only music: the scientific nights suggest a multidisciplinary approach that has already characterised the Festival in the past.
The artistic direction entrusted to the Teatro di San Carlo also opens to hope for a growing cooperation between the cultural institutions of Naples and Campania. One can imagine a festival-system rather than a one-of-the-many-albeit-important festival. That is to say, a festival that integrates others and also itself. An ambitious option, which can be extended to dance, theatre, history, philosophy, design.

Ravello Festival 2019

di Vincenzo De Luca Presidente della Regione Campania In the last few years, Campania has observed an important increase in tourist flows. A long wave that has different motivations but that must be accompanied and increased. The Region is consolidating these results in terms of infrastructure and organisation. There are places that, fortunately for us,...

Il dialogo della composizione italiana con la musica europea

di Paolo Pinamonti Direttore Artistico del Teatro di San Carlo On the pages of “The Christian Science Monitor” the famous newspaper published in Boston since 1908, for which Alfredo Casella wrote interesting musical chronicles from Italy from 1925 until 1946, the musician wrote of April 12, 1930: “Today, on the contrary, the most daring music...

La meglio gioventù musicale italiana è protagonista a Ravello

di Antonio Marzullo Segretario artistico del Teatro Municipale Giuseppe Verdi di Salerno Students from the Conservatory of Music “Giuseppe Martucci in Salerno”, the “San Pietro a Majella” in Naples,” the “Nicola Sala” in Benevento and also from the “Benedetto Marcello” in Venice, the “Niccolò Piccinini” in Bari”, the “Agostino Steffani” in Castelfranco Veneto and the...


The Ravello Festival 2017 will assert the Ravello’s vocation as City of Music. On this basis the program has been designed according to some lines that also want to be very clear mingling with one another.

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