Friday 12 july, 9.30pmPolunin Ink
Sergei Polunin

Belvedere di Villa Rufolo

Friday 12 july
Belvedere di Villa Rufolo, 9.30pm
Polunin Ink
Sergei Polunin

Fraudulent Smile
Choreography by Ross Freddie Ray
Dancers Sergei Polunin, Johan Kobborg and corps de ballet
Music by Kroke

Choreography by Yuka Oishi
Dancer Sergei Polunin
Music by Igor Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring
In collaboration with ATER – Associazione Teatrale Emilia Romagna
Unique seat € 70

Fraudulent Smile

Why does a good person do wrong things? We often attribute the cause of our mistakes to external influences, to the education we receive rather than to nature. In this creation, I express my personal vision on this subject. We observe how easily someone can be corrupted, and how we blindly pursue fun and charisma, even though we see a certain number of people on the stage, it all takes place in the mind of one. We look beyond the mask and see intimate reflections and suffering.
Debut: 14th July 2018, Origen Festival Cultural, St. Moritz, Switzerland
The solo dance by Sergei Polunin created with the Japanese dancer and choreographer Yuka Oishi reinterprets the figure of the legendary Russian dancer Vaslav Nijinsky. The show brings to light the inspirations and music of the glorious period of the Ballets Russes. Igor Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring” is at the centre of Sergei Polunin’s dramatic solo, in which he explores Nijinsky’s madness and his search for a “feeling, not a human thought”.

The Rite of Spring
“The Rite of Spring” is a ballet and a concerto for orchestra by the Russian composer Igor Stravinsky. The score was written for the Paris season of the Ballets Russes by Sergei Diaghilev in 1913, with the choreography by Vaslav Nijinsky, scenes and costumes by Nicholas Roerich. At the premiere at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées on 29 May 1913, the avant-garde nature of the music and choreography caused quite a stir and almost resulted in a riot among the audience. Although conceived as a theatrical creation, with characters and actions, the music gained equal if not greater recognition, so much to be widely considered as one of the most influential musical works of the 20th century.

After treading the major boards in London and Russia, the famous dancer Sergei Polunin performs with the most prestigious international ballet companies. Already from his beginnings in the world of dance (nominated Lead Dancer at the age of 19), Sergei Polunin is constantly expanding his artistic horizon to the field of acting, cinema and other creative contexts. His personal human story was narrated in the documentary film “Dancer” produced by Gabrielle Tana, and he recently acted for the cinema in Kenneth Branagh’s film “Murder on the Orient Express”. He founded the Sergei Polunin Foundation; a charity to support professional training in the field of dance and creativity.

YUKA OISHI – choreographer She was born in 1984 in Osaka, Japan. After having graduated from the School of the Hamburg Ballet, in 2003 she joined the corps de ballet of the Hamburg Ballet, where she danced as a soloist until 2010. In 2012 she created the choreography “Renku” with Orkan Dann for the Hamburg Ballet, awarded with the Rolf-Mares-Prize as “Creation of the Year”. In 2013 she was invited as a guest choreographer at the Takarazuka Revue Theater in Japan where she collaborated on the creation of a musical. Yuka Oishi presented several danced performances for the Origen Festival Cultural, such as “See” and “Rainy Chord” in 2014 and the performance “Joseph” in 2015, “Little” in 2016, “Seven” in 2017 and “Magi” in 2018. From August 2015 she is a freelance choreographer and dancer.

ROSS FREDDIE RAY – choreographer Born in Lancashire in England, Ross Freddie Ray trained at the Royal Ballet School in London. In 2014, he left the school to join the Bucharest National Opera under the direction of Johan Kobborg. Here he danced as a soloist and lead dancer in the great titles of the classical and contemporary repertoire.

JOHAN KOBBORG – choreographer/dancer Johan Kobborg was the principal dancer at the Royal Danish Ballet and Royal Ballet and guest dancer in the biggest companies in the world. Recently, he reached fame as a choreographer with prestigious companies. In December 2017 he created a new production of Don Quixote for the Yacobson Ballet in St. Petersburg, this production was nominated for seven Golden Mask in Russia in 2018. From December 2013 to April 2016 he was Artistic Director of the Ballet of the Bucharest Opera Theatre achieving great success. In 2005 the Royal Ballet commissioned him a new production of La Sylphide, which was very successful, so much so that in 2012 it was presented by the Ballet of the Bolshoi Theatre, in 2013 it entered the repertoire of the Ballet of the Bucharest Opera Theatre, and finally in 2016 in that of the National Ballet of Canada. This year it will be at the Atlanta Ballet. Johan Kobborg also collaborated with Ralph Fiennes on his film on Nureyev entitled “The White Crow” released in 2018.