Ravello Festival 2016

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Thursday 11 August
Villa Rufolo 11am – 7pm
Dimitris Papaioannou 
Visual installation
Italian first showing



Inside was first performed in 2011 at the Pallas Theatre in Athena with 30 performers for a duration of six hours.
The original music by K. BHTA and a video by The Team are part of a work which has neither beginning or middle nor end; the continuum of the action in the familiarity of everyday life can be watched for a long as one likes, choosing point of view, duration of the observation, contemplative approach, just as one might observe a landscape.
The same series of movements repeats itself in various and infinite combinations, with an accumulation of levels, producing an interior narration, a work which designs itself as it reproduces itself, condensing and diluting itself like the geomatrical patterns of oriental vases and carpets.
Inside became a life-size HD video at the Kalamata International Dance Festival 2013.



The time shown corresponds to the time at which no further admittance is possible. After this time no one will be allowed in, nor will the ticket be reimbursed.

The Festival Management reserves the right to modify this programme, for whatsoever reason, without notification. Notice of any changes will be given as early as possible in the press and on this web site.

If the weather conditions are unfavourable, and production requirements permitting, the events scheduled for the Belvedere in
Villa Rufolo may be relocated to the Niemeyer Auditorium. In this case, due to the restricted seating capacity of the Auditorium, only ticket-holders for rows A, B, C, D, E, F and G will have the right to attend the event.